A Neverland space where all the rules of traditional museums don’t exist: visitors can take pictures, touch, jump to the artworks and even get offered some sweet treats.

For the next three months, a scrumptious new space in Marvila neighbourhood (east side of Lisbon) district is sweetening up Lisboners, and their life becomes sweeter as their Instagram feed becomes sweet and pink.

Created by Carla Santos e Hugo Silva, the funky and kitsch attraction was inspired by the Ice cream museum they visited in Miami.  “SAM isn’t a traditional museum but, the new generation museum, where the visit needs to be interactive and experienced. To shoot and to share everything we see and experience”, as a “Disneyland” for grownups, reveal the founders.

Strategically located next to the Rua do Açucar (which means Sugar Street), as you enter the bubble gummed colour museum, visitors chow down on their first sweet, some marshmallows, after a “swim” in the "Splash Mallow Pool" (a marshmallow pool).

At SAM, everything is ‘Instagrammable’, a fact that explains the limit entries of 15 people at a time, so that visitors can calmly take the best shots.

Throughout the museum's 8 rooms, visitors can expect to find a Splash Mallow Pool, an Ice-cream land, giant gummy bears, a pop circus, a rainbow unicorn… not only the eyes are sweetened up but the mouth too...

The entrance fee to this sugar Disneyland is 20 euros per person.


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The Sweet Art Museum Lisboa, Rua José Domingos Barreiros, Lisbon, Portugal

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