It was Boschi, Piotr Anderszewski’s teacher between the ages of 11 and 14, who infused him with a passion for some of the most important composers in his life as a performer and conductor, but even then he was already wide open to Mozart’s music.

Believing that there are no more beautiful concertos than those written by the Austrian composer, Anderszewski believes that “Mozart doesn’t struggle with the elements, he makes all the different facets of existence float and spin” in his creations.

Gulbenkian Orchestra

Piotr Anderszewski Piano / Conductor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony No. 25, in G minor, K. 183

Piano Concerto No. 24, in C minor, K. 491

Ludwig van Beethoven

Piano Concerto No. 1, in C major, op. 15



Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Avenida de Berna, Lisbon, Portugal

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