On the 10th January, Gulbenkian Grand Auditorium will host the concert of one of the best contemporary Portuguese pianists, Pedro Burmester. The play will be the Beethoven's masterpiece Moonlight Sonata.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No.30, in E major, op. 109
Piano Sonata No..14, in C-sharp minor,, op. 27 No. 2, “Moonlight”

Johann Sebastian Bach
Partita No. 4, in D major, BWV 828

Franz Liszt
Balade No. 2, in B minor, S. 171


Pedro Burmester is a Portuguese pianist. Sun of the german-spanish  Gerardo Curbera Burmester and Maria Inês de Abreu Martins da Costa, Pedro Burmester is nowadays one of the world's greatest piano interpreters. His repertoire comprises mostly the Romantic composers, namely Schumann and Lizt.

As experts refer to Pedro, when playing "he infuses them with unbearable energy and overwhelming intensity”, reaching a exquisite and delicate balance between virtuosity and emotional depth.