As a prelude to the starting New Year, the best way to enter to 2017 will be listening to music, good music.

At Centro Cultural de Belém, on the 1st January, Lisbon's Metropolitan Orchestra will play the traditional New Year's Eve concert. The line-up is exquisite, classy and tasteful.

Gather waltz' seduction, March's determination, Polka' fugacity, mix with the charm and enchantment of maestro Sebastian Perlowski, and it will be guaranteed to welcome the New Year with the best vibe.


Gioachino Rossini Opening Ópera Guilherme Tell
Johann Strauss II Waltz South Roses, Op. 388
Johann Strauss II Fast Polka Light Blood, Op. 319
Janusz Bielecki Paráfrases 
Johann Strauss II Waltz Spring Voices, Op. 410
Johann Strauss II Polka Tritsch-Tratsch, Op. 214


Mikhail Glinka Opening ópera Ruslan e Ludmilla 
Johann Strauss II New Polka Pizzicato, Op. 449
Johann Strauss II Waltz Imperador, Op. 437
Janusz Bielecki Metamorphoses 
Johann Strauss II Fast Polka under thunder and lighting, Op. 324
Johann Strauss II Waltz Blue Danube, Op. 314

Maestro Sebastian Perłowski