For the same hour that lasted the night of Kings, in 2017 and a summer night, in 2018, highlighting next year,

A play about gossip, about love or it would be a Shakespeare's work.  A love comedy about the fervour and fears of wanting and not wanting, a society of great modesty, great wishes and much gossip.

D. Pedro, the younger gentlemen, Cláudio and Benedito, joined a party in the house of the good Leonato. Claudio falls in love with Hero, daughter of the host. Benedito and Beatriz form a pair as singles, and they laugh at love as a weakness. D. Pedro and others conspire to join Benedito and Beatriz. Meanwhile, D. João, Pedro's evil brother, creates a plan that convinces everyone of Hero's infidelity.

Later in the play, at the time of the wedding, at the church, Claudius accuses Hero and rejects her. Leonato is persuaded to pretend that a daughter died of grief until her innocence is proven.

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Teatro do Bairro, Rua Luz Soriano, Lisbon, Portugal

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