The German violinist Carolin Widmann, was in 2013 Elected musician of the year at the International Classical Music Awards, as she excelled in her first performance with her exquisite performance of contemporary pieces. However, as she told The Strad, as she moved from a contemporary to a period repertoire she discovered that there isn't a huge gap between J.S. Bach and Boulez to Bach, as it may seem. “I see so many idealists in both worlds, people who really don’t care about the financial success of a piece, but who are just looking for new ways of working.” Widmann is directed in this concert by Tianyi Lu, a young artist who has been making a name for herself on every continent, particularly as assistant conductor of the Melbourne Symphony.

Mendelssohn's classic, Midsummer’s Night Dream is now touring and coming to Lisbon, will be a great opportunity to listen to Carolin Widmann at her best.

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