Cascais and Estoril have grown their international reputation as a destination for world-class sport, not only due sailing (hosts the America's Cup sailing), golf, tennis (Estoril Open), surfing and motor sports, but also by hosting for the 11th time the  Longines Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League, from the 7th - 9th July 2016.

Longines Global Champions Tour is the best event in show jumping worldwide. Hosted for the 8th time in Cascais/Estoril, the show has gained increasing visibility and notoriety over the years.

Situated on the western coast of Europe, with perfect weather conditions and quality facilities, Cascais/Estoril hosts the best sporting events, such as equestrian, golf, sailing, tennis, motorsport and surf.

Apart from sports, Estoril has a lot to offer, combining different motivations in one single destination: leisure, meetings, golf, sun, beach, and nature. There vacationers and sport fans can flock to the coast to reach the sun and enjoy the seaside and attractions. In Estoril the landscape draw a beautiful bay of Praia do Tamariz.

On the other hand, if vacationers also want to have some glamour and cosmopolitan night, Estoril has its famous Casino (the largest in Europe), where some argue that it was where Casino Royale, as he stalked Yugoslav double agent Dusko Popov at its tables.

The great variety and proximity of fine restaurants, the marina, different attractions like the casino and with the capital Lisbon with an international airport just two steps away, make Cascais/Estoril a unique destination.