If you like to mix your drinks with other drinks, then take note, as for the very first time Lisbon will have an event dedicated 100% to the art of the cocktail! From April 22nd to May 1st 2016, Lisbon Cocktail Week (LCW) will celebrate and promote the world of cocktails, in what is the first edition of an event of its kind in Lisbon, and that promises to energize the city every year.

For 10 days, LCW will present an itinerary through the city’s best restaurants and bars and, of course, the Ritz Bar had to participate.

LCW also challenged the barmen at each of the participating bars to create a signature cocktail that would run for “Best Cocktail in Lisbon”, and which will be judged on flavor, aroma and presentation. “Hasta La Vista, Basil” was the chosen one, by the Ritz Bar, and Bar Manager Ricardo Felgueiras has total confidence in its success “it’s a very well-balanced cocktail, and fresh for spring”, he says. The fun name was chosen by the team at the Ritz Bar and highlights of course, the use of basil – one of the stars of this cocktail, with its intense aroma and flavor.

The refreshing “Hasta La Vista, Basil” will be available from April 22nd to May 1st at the Ritz Bar during LCW. Ricardo also shares the recipe, below, for those who want to make it at home:

Hasta La Vista, Basil

4cl Don Julio

2cl St. Germain

2cl lime juice

10 basil leaves

Pink salt

* The three LCW cocktails are priced at 17€.

** A “two for one” promotion will be in place daily, for the entire duration of the event at the Ritz Bar, from 6pm to 11pm.

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