Directly from the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, where they’re usually amid the gentle sights and sounds of the jungle, far from hectic urban life in the authentic peace of Koh Samui, therapists Buppha and Thippawan come to Lisbon to show the best of what is done in the Thai islands.

The delicate Thippawan – or Thipp, as she prefers to be called – greets guests at the Ritz Spa with wai – the traditional Thai greeting, and smiling says “yin-dee-ton-rab” – welcome. Take a deep breath and let yourself travel to Thailand for 60 or 90 minutes…without the long-haul flight.

From April 18th to June 8th, exclusively at the Ritz Spa, three of the most emblematic treatments from the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui are available, and provide a unique opportunity for locals and guests of the Hotel to travel to one of the world’s best Spas, without ever having to leave town.

One of the oldest and most prestigious types of treatments, the Thai massage relies on on centuries-old healing techniques and herbal and holistic remedies deeply rooted in Thailand’s rich spa heritage.

The three treatments available at the Ritz Spa; the Manipura Vital Energy Massage, Deep Therapeutic and the Thai Sen Massage consist of slow, rhythmic pressure along the energy lines called Sen, stretching, and some movements similar to assisted yoga positions.


MANIPURA VITAL ENERGY MASSAGE – 60min / 90min - 155€ 200€

Manipura, meaning beautiful jewel in Sanskrit, refers to the solar plexus (navel) chakra, the centre of the body’s fire and sun energy that ignites health and restores vitality. This treatment begins with a Himalayan Salt Scrub to purify, detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic system and cleanse the energy body to help release toxins and free one from fatigue. A vital body massage follows to reconnect the positive flow of energy, restoring balance and leaving the mind, body and spirit full of renewed energy.

DEEP THERAPEUTIC – 60min / 90min - 155€ 200€

Focusing on problem areas, this deep-pressure massage promotes the recovery of injured and strained muscles while increasing flexibility and range of limb motion. These targeted techniques are ideal after a vigorous exercise session or for guests who are frequent massage recipients.

THAI SEN MASSAGE – 90min - 250€

This Thai massage combines marma pressure-point work, gentle yogic stretching and breathing techniques to promote tension release, increased flexibility and a balanced mind.

These three treatments will be available daily at the Ritz Spa from April 18th to June 8th

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