Curated by the artist Paula Rego and name of the museum Casa das Histórias Paula Rego, hosts until the 17th July the exhibition titled "The Summer was just like a house to live in where everything is...".

Through his paintings Manuel Amado reveals the invisible things of the visible. The starting point for his paintings is the different angles that the normal and simple things are perceived by people. As Paula Rego states "All these paintings possess a threatening simplicity". Following this, are this different modes of perceiving reality that are taken as matter of thought and subject and translated into the canvas by Manuel Amado.

As once stated by Paul Klee, in painting is not a matter of reproducing or creating forms. It is instead an exercise of capturing forces:  "Fighting the shadow is the only real fight. When the visual sensation faces the invisible force that conditions it, it releases a force that can overcome it, or at least make an ally of it".

Hence Manuel Amado's painting challenge the viewer, along Twenty-six oils on canvas (1975-2008) into a perception exercise to attempt to rescue the invisible aspects out of the visible aspects of his work.