This exhibition explores the current presence of robotics and Ai in today’s world. It includes over 200 pieces of design art: from homeware robots, assisted care and industry, computer games, media facilities, and cinematographic and literary examples. It showcases the diversity of formats that robotics adopt today and alerts us to the ethical, social, and political issues associated with it.

Hello, Robot introduces us to robots in four steps: the first outlines the fascination they have always had over people, and explores how popular culture has shaped our perception of robots. The second is dedicated to the field where robotics had its first major breakthrough: industry and the world of work. The third focuses on the fact that we are gradually being confronted with these new technologies - the robot as a friend and helper in our daily lives. The last section explores the growing blurring of boundaries between humans and robots. Because, although robotics has become more accessible, more personal, more essential even, the question remains: do they it contribute to improving our world?



MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal

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