‘Festas de Lisboa’ is a two-month series of summer shows and events that takes place annually in Lisbon’s historic quarters. The city is swathed in colourful paper garlands and people spill onto the streets, listening to fado, eating grilled sardines, drinking the famous Vinho Verde (green/young wine) and generally embracing regional art and culture, music and food. June also brings the much-celebrated ‘Festas dos Santos Populares’ (Feast Days of the Popular Saints), with the partying peaking on the night of June 12th—St. Anthony’s Day, Lisbon’s patron saint—with huge parades and city-wide festivities. St Anthony’s Day also hosts the city’s annual collective wedding ceremony, featuring hundreds of Lisboan ‘Noivas de Santo António’ (Brides of Saint Anthony). Wedding parties don’t come much bigger than this!