Started in the beginning of July the first exhibition of a set of three exhibitions, which over the next six month will be displayed featuring the Modern Collection of CAM (Centre for Modern Art), from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The set of three exhibitions will offer both a more comprehensive introduction to the first time visitor, and an in-depth for researchers, students or teachers.

Operação 1 (Operation 1), the first part of this series, will outline through paper (books, photographs, prints and drawings) the 20th century in Portugal, and how cultural and politic changes were reflected into the artistic production by the time. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will see some works from artists such as Paula Rego, Fernando Calhau, Amadeo de Souza Cardozo, Bernado Marques; or ephemera, or some samples of the literary, cultural, opinion magazines that had influenced thinkers ad creators by the beginning of the 20th century in Portugal.

Overall this set of exhibitions represents a significant sample of the Portuguese legacy and artist production that led the following generations and contributed to the definition of the Portuguese modern culture and cultural heritage.