Streets. Lisbon. Live music. Until October 1st - International Music Day, outside events that celebrate what it is to live in Lisbon will enliven the country's capital.


Starting on August 25th, and for the following five weekends Lisbon will liven up its streets. Streets, squares and gardens will be even more vivacious with music, poetry, literature, cinema, exhibitions and theater.

The program is intense. The main orchestras will be presented this time, for everyone on the streets, while a garden will host some jazz music too. An event where Fado will walk side by side with french indie; where a garden introduces the sound art while another exhibits outdoor cinema. At the same time, writers and illustrators will be walking with readers through the literary routes of the Read and See Lisbon guide.

The peak of the event will be perhaps, the last four days of the event with the complete presentation of Beethoven's Symphonies by the Lisbon's Metropolitan Orchestra, at Terreiro do Paço - one of the city's most emblematic river-front squares.  Presenting Beethoven's Symphony outside might be as risky and exciting as it sounds. A huge musical event, that requires special attention when preformed outside. In Lisbon, Beethoven's Symphonies had only been presented in 1973 in Coliseu dos Recreios, a concert venue.  This time, its for everyone.

As the organization claims, the event has been programmed and designed from Lisbon for Lisbonners, and tourists of course, are welcome to join. Thus don't expect a very touristy event, but instead, go for something truly local and genuine.