This Summer, from 5th to 14th August, "Terreiro do Paço" (Praça do Comércio), Lisbon's downtown main square, will host a video mapping event under the topic "Faces of Lisbon".

The event aims to celebrate Summer by showing historical landmarks, characters, places and Lisbon moments.

"Faces of Lisbon" will through the most charismatic and characteristic characters, such as the fish vendors, grinder men, shoe-shinning men... tell stories, of past and current events that have been defining Lisbon's character. It starts with the sea-quake that in 1755 followed the earthquake and destroyed all Lisbon's downtown. At this point the viewer is invited to dive in the river and swim between the corals, until the moment the fish vendor interrupts and shouts to sell her products in the fish market. The video journey continues and the viewer jumps to a traditional and colorful neighborhood, where people are woken up by the grinder man that arrives in his bicycle.

The stories are overlapped and interlaced, taking you from the past to the present and future, and giving you a glimpse of Lisbon and its history.

A timeless and eclectic live facade that coordinated with music will liven up Praça do Comércio, the former Lisbon's main trading square, and former Lisbon's main entrance, door to the capital, Rua Augusta Arch.

The event will feature three daily sessions, scheduled for 9:45 pm / 10:15 pm / 11:15 pm.