Fado By Day

During August Fado will invade the market, offering a short introduction about its story and origins.

For the very first time, the Time Out Studio is presenting  a new and innovative show that aims to introduce Fado to everyone, from its history and origins, while introducing some of the most known Fado songs, in a light and breezy show.

The place for this seasonal show couldn't be better, The Time Out Studio is centrally located at The Time Out Market.  The show that lasts only 45 minutes, and is the right opportunity for those who don't have much time but still want still to learn about this 100% Portuguese music and its customs.

During the show, a small movie (in Portuguese and English) is exhibited showing the origins and meaning of Fado. The movie is followed by a live performance from the Fado singer  Ana da Câmara Pereira and two Portuguese guitar players.  Visitor will listen to Fado songs such as the popular “Fado da Sina” (Faith Fado), “Tudo isto é fado”( This is all Fado), “Rosa Enjeitada” (Foundling Rose) “Marcha de Alfama” (Alfama march). Furthermore since it takes place in Time Out Market, former Mercado da Ribeira, where Fado used to be heard among the fish vendors, people will also listen to the famous “Namorico da Rita e do Chico”.

In the end, some wine will be offered to the participants to celebrate Lisbon's song.

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Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Times: Between 9:00 am / 8:00 pm