This festive season, the MOSCOW STATE BALLET's Swan Lake performance tutus its way around the Coliseu, with more than 30 dancers, the sumptuous scenery, and super sparkly costumes heralding the closure of the festive season in this magical Tchaikovsky classic.

The Swan Lake is considered for some, the most spectacular classical ballet show, full of romance and beauty. Its choreography demands from the ballet dancers artfulness and technical skillfulness to represent the characters.

The choreography movements were inspired and linked to the movements of swan's movements, that give the performance dynamism and unique creative richness of movements. However, The Swan Lake owes its popularity not only to Petipa's inventive and expressive choreography but also due to the music, a Tchaikovsky masterpiece.

The Swan Lake, tells a story about a prince looking for the ideal woman, and who sees in the swan silhouette the woman's delicacy and enchantment, which he falls in love by. In reality, the swan embodies an enchanted princess... a truly poetic and romantic theme.

This one never gets old!

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Coliseu dos Recreios, Rua Portas de Santo Antão, Lisbon, Portugal

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