Ritz Bar

What everyone initially thought was going to be another food trend that would quickly be replaced, Sushi has become a staple in modern Portuguese food and is highly sought-after by locals. Fish directly from Portugal's Atlantic coast makes for some of the freshest Sushi in the world, and more and more renowned Sushi Chefs are taking their talents to the city, as Lisbon boasts an enviable offer of this type of Japanese cuisine. It seems already a mutual love relationship between Portugal and Japan that in one hand we export fresh portuguese tuna, which will be sold hours after in Japan, on the other hand we import japanese techniques and knowledge regarding sushi.

Below, we highlight some of our favourite Sushi places:

- Sushi Lounge at the Ritz Bar

As the days get warmer, local sushi lovers and Hotel guests alike can experience Chef António Muniz’s Live Sushi three days a week on the Hotel’s fabulous terrace, with incredible views to Parque Eduardo VII.
The daily Sashimi selection is mouth-watering, and don't skip the Gunkans or braised tuna with thick miso sauce.
“Sushi is the most well-known dish of traditional Japanese cuisine (Washoku), and has been placed in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. So I always proudly look forward to seeing the happy faces of my friends enjoying sushi when we have lunch at Four Seasons,” says Mr. Hiroshi Azuma, Ambassador to Japan in Portugal.
Who can resist after this endorsement?

- Yakuza By Olivier

Yakuza, the restaurant, not the powerful Japanese criminal organization opened in late 2015 in the Príncipe Real district’s main road is now on Avenida da Liberdade.
Yakuza by Olivier is another addition of Chef Olivier’s to his already impressive portfolio in the city. The Chef has, as always, added his own twist to the food, as the vast Japanese menu is met with some more western influences, and makes for an absolutely delicious experience. If you're feeling adventurous, the Sacana Taco with fish tartar is a must!
Yakuza by Olivier has won us over with its near-flawless Japanese cuisine and its cool atmosphere, making it one of the top picks in Lisbon for dining out, and the location in the luxurious Avenida da Liberdade is also a fantastic plus. For the summer months, cocktails will undoubtedly go hand in hand with sushi and Chef Olivier's venue will surely be one of the hottest spots in town.

- Kanazawa
Name of a central Japan city, facing the Japanese Sea, as we enter in Kanazawa we are automatically transported to Japan. Being in Kanazawa it gets closer to be in a Japanese house, among a Japanese family. The place owes its intimacy not only due the familiar atmosphere but also to its only eight seats available. Furthermore Kanazawa's exclusivity and Japanese minimalism is also present in the menu (kaiseki) the only one available. However Kanazawa minimalism should not be mistaken by minimal or simplistic. Instead it is synonym of richness and fulfillment. An experience starting from the moment we sit in front of the chef, admiring and learning from him and his techniques, following the chef explanations about the menu and procedures, to the discovery of the freshness of the flavors and textures in the mouth. Placing beautifully each piece on carefully picked porcelain or cork plates, we dive into the perfect Japanese ritual of eating sushi, respecting the Japanese ways and tempos.
As all the exclusive and unique things, it has a price too, 150€, including tea or sake. But then we remind ourselves we are talking about a journey to Japan, which makes it a more than fair price to pay.

Tip: Show you know Kanazawa minimal japanese philosophy and exceptionally don't wear perfume when you go for sushi.

- Miss Jappa
From the outside, with its red neons pointing the entrance, Miss Jappa, leaves no doubt that we are about to leave Principe Real and enter in a Tokyo atmosphere or perhaps to jump into a Japanese film noir. Inside, Miss Jappa herself a Japanese doll awaits us in a swing hanging on the ceiling, and will be the testimony of this contemporary Japanese flavors experience. At Miss Jappa do not expect to have only sushi, the choice is much wider. Thus we can decide from the Japanese "Junk food" wrapped in a piece of paper, to the classics "Old Timers" including Misoshiru with shitakê mushrooms, Gyosas' trilogy (shrimp, chicken and vegetarian), or to the "New Timers", with many contemporary sushi interpretations, like a Ussuzukuri, or a kind of a white fish carpaccio with mussels ceviche.
While you decide which delight you will order, you can snack little bites displayed in the origami plate, made by the waitresses.
All the menu is designed and curated by the chef Anna Lins, the first Portuguese certificated by the All Japan Sushi Association.
From the bar, at Miss Jappa, the sakê is the starting point to the other cocktails created by Dave Palethorpe (owner of the Cinco Lounge, a cocktail bar also in Lisbon) and so, even the drinks make a point and give us another excuse to start the evening there.

- Sushi Café Avenida
Sushi Café is perhaps one of the most well established and respected places to go for when it refers to sushi. It is a classic in the city, where all the lisboners trust and know for sure they will have great sushi. The choice is wide and it goes from the classic sushi, Sashimi and Temakis, to Fusion Sushi mixing lesser-known Japaneses dishes, or also something vegetarian, like the Vegetarian Gyosas or Tempura Yasai. At Sushi Café above all, the quality and freshness of the ingredients ensures that all the dishes will be any foodie's delight.
The space is elegant and organized in different areas: a bar, a dinning area for master meals and a dining room.
Its location it is also one of its top points, since it is just off Avenida da liberdade which turns it to the perfect spot to do a shopping break.

Tip: During the Summer, go for the terrace to enjoy the Summer breeze under the blossomed Jacarandas.