Lisbon the city of seven hills, with its incredible weather and unique light, is the perfect setting for some unique rooftop bars. With breathtaking views to the Tagus River, S.Jorge Castle,  or towards the 25th April bridge, in Summer, rooftops across the city come alive and are indeed the best spot to enjoy sunset, or celebrate the arrival of the weekend or a well-deserved holiday.

The choice is wide and goes from the hipster spots to more classy and fancy ones. Hence we selected the top 5 so that you will know exactly where to go.



Perhaps one of the most known rooftops among Lisboners. Its the cool and relaxed spot that hipsters go for a sunset drink, where the Dj sets the vibe.

Set in the heart of Bairro Alto, but a stone's throw from Chiado, Park, as the name suggests is located on the top floor of, yes, you guessed it - a car park. It's is the perfect spot to grab a burguer and a sangria, along with a one-of-a-kind Lisbon sunset.

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Opens: Tue - Sat: 1pm to 2 am; Sun / Sun: 1pm to 0:00

Silk Club

If you're looking for a snazzier option, then Silk is the right place for you. Located in the sixth floor of Espaço Chiado, in Chiado, you have a 270 degree view over the city's twinkling lights, the river and illuminated bridge. Dress appropriately, make a reservation, and from Tuesday to Saturday try some deliciously prepared Sushi, and dive into the atmosphere with good music.

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Opens: Tue - Thu: 7pm to 1.30 am; Fri - Sat: 7pm to 4 am

Portas do Sol

Take the last 28 tram and head to this rooftop in Lisbon's oldest neighbourhood, Alfama, and Portas do Sol marks the spot. Located at Miradouro (viewpoint) Portas do Sol, its views over the Tagus River are magnificent. Fall in love with the charming, yet chaotic urban fabric of Alfama right below, or watch the cruise ships and sailing boats in front of Santa Apolónia. There are couches where you can relax and let yourself go with the flow.

Rio Maravilha

If you’re longing for a trendy and hip place, then Rio Maravilha is the spot for you, or it wouldn’t be located at Lisbon’s creative hub Lx Factory.

Rio Maravilha is a huge living room looking out onto the Tagus River, where you can eat, dance or get a cocktail while you watch the sunset or enjoy the view throughout the night. The cocktails with Peta Zetas carbonated candy are set to make your night pop!

There are areas to eat, others to dance or simply enjoy the moment. The outdoor terrace wins when it comes to enjoying a great sunset, or later in the evening,  sweeping views of the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge enchanted with its twinkling lights.

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The Insólito

The rooftop of the Independente hostel, The Insolito, might go unnoticed by the more distracted. Located directly opposite the São Pedro de Alcantâra viewpoint, look up to find it. And you won't want to miss it.
If from São Pedro de Alcânrara the views are incredible, then go up to The Insólito, where a couple of floors up, the views are absolutely exhilarating. Ask for a one of the signature cocktails and let yourself be charmed by Lisbon's mystique.
Opens: Tue - Thu: 5pm to  0:00; Fri - Sat: 5pm to 1 am