It's true, Fall season is upon us, and gone are the days of sipping Rosé by the beachside and having a cocktail at an outside terrace. Actually, scratch that - in Lisbon, it's still totally the season for outside terraces.

Nevertheless, restaurants have started to change their menus with the season, and there are some truly memorable offerings out there for Fall's typical comfort food. Our top 5, below:

1. White Truffle Menu at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon.

November is one of the most anticipated times of year in the calendar of any foodie; the arrival of white truffle season! Let Executive Chef Pascal Meynard take you on a culinary journey through one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after ingredients. This year, Chef Pascal has created a special fine dining menu for his Varanda Restaurant in tribute to the tartufo bianco d’Alba - interpretations include fresh pasta with white truffles and parmesan cream, a salsify pasta, a rich Acquarello Risotto and a fresh scallops dish with smoky black trumpet mushrooms, cauliflower and veal juice.

2. Belcanto

It's impossible to mention the top menus in Lisbon without mentioning Chef Avillez; his Mini Bar, Café Lisboa and Cantinho do Avillez all deliver top fare whatever the season might be. But we just love Belcanto's fall menu - the garden of the goose that laid the golden eggs is one of our all-time favourites, as is the revisited Suckling Pig, and they make for a fantastic fall meal.

3. 100 Maneiras

You can never quite really predict what Chef Ljubomir is going to come up with in any of his menus; the only certainty is that they will always change, and that they'll be inventive. Some dishes, like the Estendal de Bacalhau - where he hangs the codfish out to dry on top of your table (much better than it sounds, trust us on this one - always seem to make their way into the menu, but the delicious food, cozy environment and the fantastic service make this one of our top picks for this fall.

4. Eleven

With sweeping views of the Portuguese capital and the Tagus River, Eleven's panoramic windows and location atop the Eduardo VII Park make it one of the most romantic restaurants for fall time, enjoying privileged vistas of Lisbon's fantastic sunset light. Drapes, candles and soft music are complemented by an innovative cuisine, headed by Chef Joachim Koerper who, using natural, fresh and seasonal products, as well as the aromas of the Mediterranean is recognised as one of the finest masters of Mediterranean cuisine. He officially reclaimed his crown as one of the Portugal's most accomplished kitchen wizards - his menus have always shined and the restaurant remains one of the most acclaimed in the land, and the celebratory Michelin Star Menu is typical of his surreal touch in blending texture with flavour. It also speaks of a mischievous sense of humour: look out for the Alentejo pork race "chasing truffles".

5. Silver.Spoon Guerilla Dining

For those drawn to restaurants with three-month waiting lists, secret phone numbers and exclusive codes for the privileged few, this is definitely an event not to be missed. Even though we don't know the menu, Silver.Spoon's Guerilla Dining event just really makes our mouth (and every other sense, really) water in anticipation. This November, Guerilla Dining by Silver.Spoon invites members to a throwback reenactment of decadent Thanksgiving celebrations of eras past. As the night unfolds, the participants’ roles and their interactions determine the dynamics of the experience much as the dictation of social norms directed the flow of past gatherings. The menu and location will not be released until the evening of, to guests; but this year will see a special collaboration on menu design between a surprise Silver.Spoon chef and Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon’s Executive Chef, Pascal Meynard.

Any other top picks for this Fall season? Let us know in the comments!