Festivity season is by default, the time to give and get.

Whether you are travelling during this season and visiting Lisbon right before the festivities celebrations, whether you are here to stay and enjoy the season at its best, we selected a gift guide for you, from the too-good-to-be-true Christmas bundle to the most creative gifts from local shops, we are ready to make this season even a little more sweater and exclusive for you.

If you are in town to stay, pick between a personalized Spa treatment, a decadent morning enjoying the Weekend Brunch or an Afternoon Tea time. If instead you prefer to bring home a little something of Lisbon, the choice will be even wider.
Ultimately, if you want to surprise your belated and beloved ones, a trip around the world on board of Four Seasons Private Jet will be a lifetime unforgettable experience.

In town...

  • New Year's Brunch: Give your foodies some little sweet in their lives, and for sure there won’t be a better way to welcome the new year in Lisbon then indulging along the Afternoon in the magnificent hotel's ballroom. In the menu there will be flavours of Lobster minestrone, Prawn in lime steam, cauliflower tabbouleh, Scallops, vegetable pipérade, watercress and pine nuts condiment; Portuguese beef medallion with artichokes and pleurotes mushrooms; Sea bass Cataplana, red mullet and shellfish; And of course a wide selection of traditional desserts including some traditional seasonal sweets such as Bolo Rei, Coscorões, Rice Pudding and Filhós. (155€ per person).
  • From the Ritz Spa: offer a truly youth elixir. Offer one of the four personalized facial treatments from Swiss Perfection - the most luxurious and efficient regarding skin's renewal. Additional offer the treatment's products so that the Midas’ touch can be brought home too.  (From 550€ per person).
  • Afternoon Tea: Recently launched at Almada Negreiros lobby, at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, the Afternoon Tea will be a perfect and exclusive ritual to enjoy along the afternoon, with flavours for every kind of taste and spirit. In the menu, by the pastry chef Fabian Nguyen, there are for the creative ones, the Almada Negreiros Afternoon Tea; to the traditionalists, the Lisbon Afternoon Tea filled with Portuguese typical flavours; Finally to the ones always seeking for the latest trend, the Ritz Four Seasons Afternoon Tea, that will bring new colours and flavours each season. (From 25€ per person).
  • Goddess Sleep: In case you want to provide a goddess sleep and an angels awakening, nothing will be better than to offer to your beloved an exclusive night and unique sleep in town at the exquisite Royal Suite. Located on the 9th floor at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, give a heavenly awake in this suite with a delicious breakfast while enjoying a stunning view over Lisbon. (From 12.080€)
  • As royalty: if your aim is to please royalty and to crown princess or prince, nothing will be more special than jewelry. The choice is wide and the hardest will be to pick a treasure among the ones kept in RosiorSaldanha & Pimenta, Antique, or Leitão e Irmão. On the other hand, if for you, Art represents the timelessness, from Oito em Ponto you can pick a "little" something to enrich your art gallery. (Prices under request).

To Bring home....

  • Fit as a glove: Gloves! A Christmas classic gift, but not less exclusive, if from Luvaria Ulisses. The number 87a at Rua do Carmo, crusted inside Carmo’s Convent Wall, in Chiado, is home of one of the smallest luxury and historical shops in Lisbon, Luvaria Ulisses. There you will find handmade tailored gloves, with premium quality: Short, long, supple calfskin gloves – as Hermes or Louis Vuitton ended – the gloves, are nearly custom made. Among the seven available sizes customers will find some that will literally “fit as a glove”.
  • Portuguese Scents: At the recently opened Claus Porto, in the heart of Chiado, you will find the perfect scent for every nose... The hand crafted soaps are infused with fine scents taken from Portuguese ingredients’ fragrances from its lush countryside. The soaps are wrapped with finely and beautifully illustrated art work. The packaging resembles Portuguese’s tiles graphics and colours with influences of the 20’s Belle Époque decadence.
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate: Another Christmas gift classic, that pleases most of us. If you are in Portugal, looking for a premium chocolate, the choice must be Arcadia. Original from Oporto founded in 1933, in Lisbon you can find it sweet and welcoming shop downtown in Chiado. The locals among their chocoholic specialties, prefer the "chocolate cat tongues". The chocolate used in the confection of all products is of high quality.  To better match all the tastes and needs, the traditional assortment is also available both in milk chocolate and without added sugar.
  • Books: Offering books is indeed to offer the chance to travel everywhere imagination bring people. In Lisbon, the right place to go is to Bertrand bookstore. Opened in 1732, Bertrand held since 2010 the Guinness World Record for oldest bookstore still in activity. In the past, Bertrand bookstore used to work almost as a literary club, where the biggest Portuguese writers, such as Alexandre Herculanom Eça de Queiroz or Antero de Quental, used to gather to discuss politics and literature. Now, the same names are hanging on the bookshop shelves and part of the Portuguese literature masterpieces.


To bring away from home...

  • A lifetime experience: If you want to offer "THE" gift, offer you special one a trip around the world on board of Four Seasons Private Jet. The Boeing 757, with Four Seasons' logo on its tail, it was designed to transport only 52 passengers, in unique trips around the Four Seasons' World. In 2017 there are two planned routes. In June, the Culinary Experiences, that within its 19 days will stop by Lisbon too; In September, the "International Intrigue" that during 24 days will brings the voyageurs to Kyoto, Serengeti, Tanzania, Maldives among other exotic destinations.  (USD 135.000 per person)