Portugals Dream Coast offers near-perfect conditions for surfers of all abilities - and with our special clinic, you’ll soon be taking to the waves like a pro!
Mornings tend to bring lighter winds and calmer seas, optimum conditions for junior surfers. Begin with a spot of body-boarding (the art of catching a wave on a small body-sized piece of polystyrene): a fun introduction to wave-riding that’ll refresh your mind and boost your co-ordination. From your starting point in the shallow whitewater, our experts will teach you all you need to know, from where to place your board to how to get airborne! We’ll supply you with the best board for your height, weight and riding style and guide you till you’re happily chasing the breaks yourself.
For those ready to take it a step further, we’ll teach you all the tricks required to get you upright with your very own surf clinic. Learn how to master the take-off on the beach before transferring your skills to the waves, all on soft, safe boards with expert instructors close at hand. Just bring your swimmers and a sense of adventure!