Either you are a style hunter, an antiques' collector, or simply enjoy the bucolic side of it, flea markets are a great place to have a sort of behind the scenes feel.

From second-hand designer labels, crafts from the vendors, collectable antiques or bio local products, these quirky markets are a treasure's trove of delights. Head to Feira da Ladra to have the most authentic flea market's experience in Lisbon; Lx Factory for quirky fashion accessories; or head to Avenida da Liberdade market to discover collectable antiques...

Feira da Ladra:


Lisbon's most famous and old flea market is "Feira da Ladra", which has its origin already in the 17th century, the time when it was first mentioned.

Held every Saturday and Tuesday, from dawn to the early afternoon, locals and visitors flock to the Campo de Santa Clara square (next to the National Pantheon) to hunt for bargains and curiosities at Lisbon's most entertaining flea market. There's something for every budget: Hand-made artisan goods, CD's, books, clothes, coins, military objects, antiques and furniture are all on display here, so the occasional bargain is still possible.


Lx Factory Sunday market:

Resting almost directly below one of Lisbon’s greatest landmarks, the 25th of April Bridge sits one of the coolest and most understated locations in Lisbon – LX Factory.

LX Factory, a successful urban renewal project, is home of creative companies, artists, restaurants and nightlife, and hosts every Sunday a flea market at its courtyard.

Vendors sell quirky vintage and local designer clothes, vinyl, old CDs, handmade jewellery and everything in between – think of it as a concentrated version of Portobello Market. On anniversary days and some special dates, they also host an open day with live music, street food and a whole lot of entertainment for a day well spent in the sun.

As you walk the dilapidated sidewalks, as you admire its one-of-a-kind street art, as you stumble upon and discover new stores, ideas, products and possibly even new people, as you take in the beauty of its far-from-perfect architecture, you’ll understand how LX Factory – and Lisbon – have managed to reinvent themselves without losing their authenticity.

Avenida da Liberdade market:

Lisbon's most luxurious avenue, Avenida da Liberdade hosts a regular antiques' market (every second weekend of the month and on the fourth Saturday and the preceding Thursday from May to October) The market due its location is much more upscale than that of Feira da Ladra. It's the fanciest of street fairs in Lisbon, benefitting of its posh location.

In case shopping at a flea market is not "your thing" take a bucolic walk through while hopping in the fanciest shops along the avenue... Find the best of it here.


Principe Real Bio market

Perhaps the coolest neighbourhood these days in town, Principe Real hosts every Saturday morning an organic farmers' market. Located at the Principe Real garden, is a great place to walk through while visiting that charming quarter of the city.

In the market, voyageurs can find an array of seasonal vegetables, fruits, bio olive oil, fresh herbs and other products of superior quality at reasonable money.