Portugal is blessed with a wonderfully mild, year-round climate and a breathtaking coastline that runs into many hundreds of kilometers. It was from here that pioneering explorers first set sail in the 15th century to discover the world, planting the seeds of Portugal’s unrivalled seafaring legacy. Embark on your own marine odyssey (albeit on a slightly smaller scale!) along the north shore of the Tagus River from Praça do Comércio (the original maritime entry to Lisbon) to Belém (the point from which Vasco da Gama departed for India in 1497). Let the experienced crew teach you how to sail or sit back and soak up the sights, sounds and sunshine of Lisbon’s historic shoreline.


Venture slightly further from the madding crowd on this magnificent yacht cruise from the Oeiras Marina (at the mouth of the Tagus River) along the coast to the Fortress of Saint Julião. Drop anchor in a quiet bay and enjoy a refreshing dip in the Atlantic waters: it’s what vacations were made for.


We all dream of the perfect day aboard a yacht…so why not charter one for yourself and up to nine friends and turn those dreams into reality? This exhilarating experience will be tailor-made to fit your exact specifications. Whether you’re keen to sight-see close to the shore, enjoy the blissful tranquility of stunning sea-views, dine on board or in a secluded bay, cruise to the fine sands of Cascais’s beaches, snorkel, swim, chill or recharge …. Indulge in life’s finest details in waters that run deep with the spirit of adventure. Enjoy!