Founded in 1939, Renova is a Portuguese brand that has transformed the way we look at toilet paper! Redefining the values of tissue paper, Renova is present in more than 60 countries with innovative collections of toilet paper, napkins, kitchen rolls or tissues, incorporating design into their products and making them a favourite of interior designers everywhere.

Colourful, stylish, functional and environmentally friendly designs are the staple of a company the has "the sexiest paper on earth" - their humorous and open-minded approach are what defines them as possibly one of the most unique toilet paper brands in the world, with their iconic black toilet rolls leading the charge, closely followed by red, yellow and green rolls, scented rolls, patterned rolls and money imprinted toilet paper. In fact, it is said that one of many of Beyoncé's backstage demands is that she will only use red toilet paper.

It became known to the international public in the early 2000s with an advertising campaign that used sex appeal to sell toilet paper, which was an unprecedented move in the business. It was such a huge success that French magazine Photo picked it up and promoted a photographic contest inspired by the campaign, and of course sponsored by the brand.

Renova is also known for the "World's Sexiest WC", a new concept in Lisbon's Terreiro do Paço, that challenges the conventional definition of what a public restroom should be, with an outside terrace facing the square and a design and gift shop, where clients can choose their own toilet paper in an ambiance of comfort and cleanliness the likes of which the public restroom world has never seen.