The Prego no Pão can be simply described as a steak sandwich. However, it's so much more than that. It's the go-to dish for Portuguese people if you're looking for something quick, cheap and delicious. It's so prolific that you can find it anywhere from a small kiosk to a luxury restaurant, and McDonald's even has its own version of the "Prego" for their Portuguese restaurants, and it's virtually impossible to find a bad "Prego" in Portugal.

The prego is a Portuguese icon

Traditionally, the Prego was a steak between two pieces of bread, and could include ham and fried egg inside as well, accompanied by french fries. However, recent spin-offs of the dish have been surfacing and with great success, too, such as Prego da Peixaria, which makes the sandwich using salmon or tuna instead of the typical bovine steak.