One of the most popular and simple recipes in Portuguese cuisine, Peixe ao Sal literally means fish with sal - which is probably what makes it so popular, given the abundance of both main ingredients in Portuguese kitchens, enjoyed all around the country, especially in the more coastal regions.

The recipe is simple, as promised; in a large tray, the entire fish is covered, to the brim, with a mixture of salt, egg whites and some seasoning, like parsley, cumin and other aromatic leaves, and the whole tray goes in the oven. When ready, the salt crust and the skin of the fish is removed, and the whole fish is served.

The peixe ao sal is a regular at the lunchtime buffet at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon's Varanda Restaurant, but can be found in almost any fish or seafood restaurant around Portugal, especially along Guincho road in Cascais, where we would recommend trying one at Porto de Santa Maria, with a chilled bottle of Portuguese white wine.