Paulino Spectacles was born out of a historic family reference, one inspired by iconic models that marked an age but still retain the capacity to reinvent themselves, for in today’s world eyewear is no longer simply a sign of stature and erudition – it is also a statement of self.

Paulino Spectacles is inspired by the icons of the past but builds on them to suit the features of today's individual face; it harks back to the sensual and elegant golden years of American cinema, to the style of the divas and heartthrobs of yesteryear.

It is a clear reference to the glamour of those very actors and actresses and updates this style for the sophisticated user of today, each piece chosen to accentuate personality – by reinterpreting models that by their very singularity add a unique personality to each face.

Each model is chosen as a way to stress personality, reinterpreting pieces that by their very singularity personalize a look and visual identity.

Paulino Spectacles undergoes a detailed manufacturing process with recourse to specific parameters so as to optimize the physiognomy of each individual. The collection also pays particular attention to the changing tones and luminosities of the acetates.

An increasing number of people, by way of professional development and leisure, have adopted the new communication technologies, namely computers, and have become a target for using eyewear.

This group of people is more aware than ever of the importance and need to combine a visual acuity and visual protection with the concept of personal image.

The Paulino Spectacles brand is marked by a simple style of solid and refined lines, each piece crafted to a specification and design that balances perfectly on the face and highlight the unique features of each user.

Take inspiration from the past, and make it new again…