Nuno Gama, one of the most well-known contemporary Portuguese designers has opened his flagship store in Lisbon - the MAISON Nuno Gama.

Located in the Príncipe Real neighbourhood, the MAISON Nuno Gama recreates its author's creative universe and integrates it into contemporary references inspired by Portuguese traditions that have always been a part of his career. Besides the clothing collections, you'll find a tailor, a shoe store, a men's barbershop and even national artisanal products.

With an architectural project by Rita Pinto Ribeiro and implemented by Ladrillo, the space was conceptualised by designer Nuno Gama and will feature several different ambiances throughout the 250 square meters of area.

A creative universe of contemporary references inspired by Portuguese traditions

To the right, in a more exclusive area, you'll find the tailor, with more formal dressing options. Besides the suits that are part of the semesterly Nuno Gama collection, this is the ideal place to acquire a tailored suit, following the traditional techniques of Portuguese tailoring, using select fabrics.The déco is quite interesting, and includes works by other Portuguese artists sush as sculptures by David Oliveira, furniture by Marco Sousa - that has its own exclusive showroom in Lisbon - and objects by Laboratório d'Estórias.

At the shoe store, located towards the end of the space, you'll find the Nuno Gama collections, produced and distributed by Eureka, a Portuguese shoe brand. The highlight of the collection are the hand-painted models available exclusively at this store.

There will also be a Privé, a private area that will combine the ambiance of the designer's atelier with a private service zone. There, you'll find the brand's most recent addition: the women's collection atelier, where everything is made only by order and is tailored to the individual. It's a space that will hold personalisation and exclusivity above all else.

Finally, the Nuno Gama barbershop and its retro barber chairs want to become the city's reference for men's cosmetics. With Yohann Peres and Fábio Amaral as directors, it's possible to get a haircut, trim your beard or shave, have a facial treatment and a manicure/pedicure as well. The spirit is masculine and the Motard influence very present through the motorbikes in exhibition throughout.

Open Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm. Sundays and holidays from 11am to 8pm.

Tel. 213 479 068