To understand the meaning of ‘saudade’ there’s no better place to be than the Museum of Fado. Listening to fado is a form of understanding the Portuguese soul and the word ‘saudade’ which describes a feeling of melancholy and nostalgia that comes from the heart and doesn’t translate to any language.

Fado was born in Alfama, a neighbourhood filled with Lisbon’s culture, filled with live music restaurants that preserve this unique musical genre, from amateur fado to well-known singers. This style compromises a mournful sounding solo singers accompanied by a classical Portuguese guitar.

Devoted to Lisbon’s urban song universe, museum of fado opened in 1998 and has a mission to preserve fado and Portuguese guitar’s universe has a music genre. The museum include a range of activities which include exhibitions, seminar and workshops, editorial and discographic presentations, and much more. Visitors can also book a guided visit that includes a live fado performance.

Visit the museum website here.