Born of an architect's dream of creating the highest quality ballet flats possible, that would highlight the excellence of Portuguese craftsmanship and, above all, to give women the confidence and elegance that a great pair of shoes can bring into your life, the Josefinas are a Portuguese brand of ballet flats created by Filipa Júlio.

Named after Filipa's grandmother, Josefina, the brand was created after a year-long process of searching, selecting and testing materials to ensure exceptional quality; only the finest leather was used for the soles, with top quality grosgrain and not even the laces were left to chance to build a flexible shoe, that adapts to your foot while still allowing it to breathe. The tie is adjustable, which allows for a looser or tighter fit depending on the wearer's preference. Even the packaging has some special thought put into it, as the pink and black box is pretty and feminine, yet simple and exclusive to make each customer feel special.

The brand Josefina was created after a long process to ensure maximum quality

Design was also a consideration, as many of Filipa's friends, and even the occasional fashion blogger, helped create what are surely some of the most stylish flats on the market today. She is inspired by her travels, adventures, places, people and stories, with collections ranging from the special Moscow collection, to the Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton models, to the Winter Wonderland creations.

A former ballerina herself, she wanted to honor her past as well as the future of the modern Portuguese woman, as well as engage with clients to see how they're wearing her brand - the Josefinas Instagram account is updated daily with re-grams of customers' photos and she interacts with consumers through the comments section. The Josefinas account was actually even recommended by Instagram (the only Portuguese brand to have received this honor) and thanked for "being part of the Instagram story". The incredible growth of the brand has been purely organic, relying on word of mouth, social media and clients' love for the brand to spread the message and many incredibly prominent fashion bloggers have shared photos wearing Filipa's brand.

A 100% Portuguese brand that does its country proud with a collection of high-quality products and excellent design.