Started three years ago out of a passion for Portuguese products, José Gourmet is a brand that curates some of the best products Portugal has to offer; olive oil from the oldest trees in the country, firewater from Lourinhã, canned goods from the vast Portuguese coast, and many such more.

Some of the best classics were selected, some were reinvented and all were "dressed" in a contemporary packaging and presented to the world. The packaging design was imagined by Luís Mendonça, a designer known for his quality but who had never done packaging - so he could come up with an out-of-the-box solution.

José Gourmet also makes it a point to engage in fair trade, and most all of their products are hand-made; the fruit in the jams is handpicked and peeled, canned goods are canned the old-fashioned way, and the firewater has no additives or caramel to make it smoother - it just is.

In Lisbon, you can of course find them at A Vida Portuguesa, where our top pick to take home are the sardines in bio extra virgin olive oil.