Indulge in this gastronomic journey of discovery into the finer tastes of Lisbon. Immerse in the intoxicating flavors and aromas of Chiado’s A Carioca —the caffeine addict’s dream— an antique coffee and chocolate store that has been roasting and grinding beans of distinction for an eternity.

From smoked ham, handmade cookies to antique coffee and chocolate

Discover the magic and soak up the atmosphere while sampling the produce, from handmade cookies from Arraiolos (with beer, nuts, almonds and cinnamon) to homemade breads; 24-month smoked hams and black pork Paiola and Paio; regional jams; PBV Port Wine from Douro and Alentejo; and Queijo Serra, Queijo de Azeitão and Queijo de Nisa cheeses.
The tour will wind up at A Ginjinha, a tiny bar that has been serving ginja (a sour cherry liqueur) to appreciative locals since 1840. It’s one of the city’s best-surviving ‘tascas’ (an old-time bistro where no one lingers because there isn’t anywhere to sit down!) Recharge your batteries with a glass of Ginja Espinheira Pequena at the crowded marble bar and toast the delectable delights of Lisbon.

Up to 4 hours
Downtown Lisbon
On request with a minimum of 48 hrs notice