Throughout November, Lisbon is filled with chestnut vendors who delight locals with their freshly-roasted chestnuts on the city’s streets.

Chestnut season starts together with the tale of St. Martins.
One evening when riding home during a snowstorm, St. Martins was stopped by a beggar who asked for something warm or food. Having nothing to offer, St. Martin cut his cloak in half and offered it to the man for warmth. Along his path back home, the situation repeated twice, leaving St. Martins without a cloak to protect himself from the storm. Unexpectedly, the storm cleared and the weather got warmer.
Hence, for St. Martin’s Day in Portugal the tradition is to roast chestnuts and drink the new wine, produced from summer’s grape harvest.

During Autumn in Lisbon, chestnuts are the perfect snack to grab while rambling up, down and around the city.