Ramiro is a casual, genuine Portuguese shellfish restaurant, with a unique atmosphere. In the bottom floor, one can find aquariums and tiles from the prestigious “Viúva Lamego” house. The top floor is a bit more quiet than the very busy bottom floor.

The Ramiro Beer house was founded on the 7th of April of 1956, as a normal restaurant but Mr. Ramiro decided to slowly introduce seafood in the menu. This turned out to be a great decision as Ramiro soon became one of the best and most busy seafood restaurants in town, a status which it retains to this day. With the help of his wife, they renovated the space and focused uniquely on seafood, ham, and the famous Portuguese "prego" (steak sandwich).

An extremely popular restaurant with the best seafood imaginable

Specialties such as lobster, oyster, clams, crab, and the incredibly delicious prawns al ajillo all cement this house's reputation as one of the best in the country, with choices ranging from grilled tiger prawns to spider crabs.

Meat, however, is not entirely off the menu, with the legendary "prego" being a must at the end of any seafood dinner, and the "pata negra" ham in the beginning are not to be missed.

If you're looking for a quiet, sophisticated place to have dinner, please do look elsewhere - the frenetic pace inside the restaurant makes for a lively atmosphere and the decoration transports you to the golden age of Portuguese discoveries, as you are immersed in local culture with some of the best seafood known to man.


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