The Fundão sweet Cherry is one of Portugal’s most typical and well-known regional products, and the arrival of this fruit is synonymous with Summer - a delightful time when locals see it arriving, as it means the sun, beach and warm temperatures are never far behind.

The Fundão Sweet Cherry also has its own festival, usually held in June, that celebrates the use of this ingredient and invited famous Chefs for live cooking demonstrations and other activities, raising awareness for such a unique product.


At the Ritz Bar, the Fundão Sweet Cherry is the protagonist of the Summer cocktail, the Margarita Moment cocktail, and within a duo Margarita, gives the Fundão Sweet Cherry a new interpretation.  The cocktail is a Margarita duo, one with Fundão Sweet Cherry,  the "Margarita Fundão", rich and intense in color and flavor; The other one with Melon, the "El Green Monster Margarita", fresh and sweet at the same time. The unexpected combination encloses within two cocktail's bottles this unique taste of Summer.

These refreshing cocktails are perfect to enjoy on the terrace at the Ritz Bar this summer.

At the same time, our guests are also pampered with a Fundão Sweet Cherry Amenity.