Literally meaning “Berlin Ball”, the Bola de Berlim is one of the most common sights in any Portuguese pastry shop.

Similar to their German counterparts, Portuguese Bolas de Berlim are like doughnuts with no hole in the centre, made from sweet-fried dough, but instead of marmalade or jam filling, traditionally they’re filled with an egg-yolk-based cream called simply “creme”, or with no filling at all. Regular sugar is also sprinkled on top for maximum sweetness.

Nowadays, a few variations can be found, such as Bola de Berlim wiith sweet dulce de leche and even Nutella!

It is Portuguese tradition to have these at almost any and all events where a dessert is required, and they are especially good in the summer. In fact, having a Bola de Berlim at Guincho Beach is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and sellers regularly walk around the beach with trays full of freshly-made, still warm Bolas de Berlim. It’s probably not the best for your beach body, but it’s absolutely worth running an extra mile for.