Located inside Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, Luiz Ferreira Antique is one of the most renowned jewelries in the country. Established in the early XX Century by Luiz Ferreira, the brand maintains its tradition in expert craftsmanship since.

Luiz Ferreira’s work was and still is a demonstration of the beautiful decorative effect one can achieve by the refined treatment of noble metals and precious stones.
This representation of spirit and beauty can be found in all LF stores, known for both good taste and excellence.

Here, every client can find the art of Luiz Ferreira expressed through silverware, jewelry, a great variety of famous richly colored animals, as well as many other objects.
Luiz Ferreira was in essence, a connoisseur, always showing his great imagination and creative ability.

A man highly sensitive to that which surrounded him, he was able to give life to his numerous pieces where in each, one can see the combination of the classic and modern, and an interconnectedness ruled by harmony and the dialogue between the individual figures and pieces.

After joining the world of big named Portuguese artists and jewelers, he devoted his work to a very special decoration against the supremacy of the utility.