One of the great pleasures in traveling is getting to know local gastronomy, and with that in mind, Sous-Chef Carlos Gonçalves, profound connoisseur of the secrets and flavours of our country, has created a unique Portuguese menu.
From the Roasted "Bairrada" Suckling Pig to the inevitable Codfish - presented in a trilogy of its many forms, we want to take you on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

To close, Pastry Chef Fabian Nguyen has selected the best products and local traditions to bring you truly memorable traditional Portuguese desserts in a surprisingly modern way.

Our new Portuguese Menu will take you from north to south of Portugal without having to travel through the hills and valleys of Portugal. To embark on this journey all you need to do is join us at Varanda Restaurant.


Marinated tuna from Algarve, dry tuna, Citrus and watermelon salad - € 21.50
Beef carpaccio with black truffle, cheese from Ilha do Pico – Açores, Sprouts salad - € 23.00
Marinated prawns, almonds from Algarve, Bio vegetables salad - € 23.00
Octopus with crab salad, Gazpacho segments, salicornia deep fried - € 21.00
Crispy vegetables salad from “Quinta do Poial” Pata negra smoked ham, citrus vinaigrette - € 19.00

Chef Suggestions

Lobster Cataplana, prawns, clams and coriander (2 persons) - € 76.00
Turbot fillet sautéed carolino rice from Alcácer do Sal in tomato broth and clams - € 32.00

From the Sea

Codfish Trilogie espiritual; olive oil confit; à Brás with olives Puff pastry - € 29.00
Bream stew from Peniche, octopus and lobster - € 32.00
Red mullet confit fillet from Setúbal, fresh squids and razor clams - € 34.00
Prawns and clams cataplana, grouper with coriander (2 persons) - € 52.00
Shellfish rice, fish and coriander (2 persons) - € 56.00
Grilled fish of the day, seasonal vegetables with olive oil sauce – Market price –

From the Country

Roasted suckling pig from Bairrada, cheese and chives stuffed potatoes - € 28.00
Grilled entrecôte, boiled egg in low temperature cooked, vegetables chips - € 32.00
Duo of Veal – stew sautéed tenderloin sautéed vegetables selection - € 36.00
Kid confit, parmentier with black truffle and cèpes (2 persons) - € 64.00


Crème brûlée, egg whites with lime parfait -  € 11.00
Egg yolks and sugar tartlet, citrus confit, lemon sorbet -  € 12.50
Sponge cake, caramel with sea salt ice cream, cinnamon crispy - € 12.00
Egg yolk with sugar and bacon pudding, red fruits with lemon grass marinated, vanilla ice cream - € 13.50
Orange torte, clementine mousse, penny royal foam, grapefruit sorbet - € 10.00
Creamy chocolate tart, sour cherries sorbet - € 15.00
Cheese Selection - € 20.00