An ode to Lisbon’s undulating landscape, rich traditions and organic regional ingredients, Seven Hills of Lisbon, the new signature spa treatment at Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, is a symbolic anecdote of – and soothing antidote to – a great day out in Portugal’s vibrant capital.

A revitalising boost for both sole and soul, the 80-minute treatment offers relief to hill-weary legs and bodies via an uplifting sensory immersion that honours the fruits and fragrances of Lisbon.

The treatment is the brainchild of Head Spa Therapist and avid Lisbon-lover Catarina Pereira, who is acutely aware that both locals and guests spend much of their time walking up, down and around the City of the Seven Hills.”

As the therapy took shape in her head, Pereira refined and matched every detail to the city’s sensory landscape: from her meticulous selection of organic Portuguese ingredients – olive oil (azeite), antioxidant-rich basil essential oil (manjericão), circulation-stimulating lime essential oil, and exfoliating sea salt – to the choice of accompanying music (Portuguese guitars) and post-treatment snack (Pastry Chef Fabian Nguyen’s light, airy bite-size olive oil muffin).

The 80-minute treatment begins with a sea salt and olive oil foot scrub.  The feet are then warmly cocooned in rich, velvety olive oil butter for profound nourishment as focus shifts to a facial pressure point massage, which releases tension and boosts energy.

“It’s a wonderful experience, this shift from one extreme to the other,” explains Pereira. “Like the process of climbing and descending a hill, the treatment moves in waves from bottom to top, via undulating bodywork on the arms and legs. Lymphatic drainage techniques on the legs help boost blood flow and eliminate toxins built up during a long day pounding the pavements.”

Lisbon was very much front of mind when it came to Pereira’s ingredient selection too, with each telling its own sensorial story and inextricable link to the city:

  • Portuguese olive oil (azeite) – hand-selected, extra virgin, cold-pressed and organic from the Montemor region in Alentejo. “Spain might produce more, Italy’s might be better known, but Portugal’s olive oil is a hidden treasure,” says Pereira. Rich and nutritious, it’s a thick, fragrant, floral fruity elixir that’s the colour of golden green and packed with health-giving monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants.
  • Organic basil essential oil (manjericão) – a scent evocative of Lisbon. Every June during the St. Anthony (Lisbon’s patron saint) festivities, the city is filled with the delicate smell of manjericão. As a symbolic vow, tradition states that boyfriends should give their girlfriends a newly potted basil plant accompanied by a papier-mâché flower and lover’s verse.
  • 100 percent natural and organic sea salt – sourced from Castro Marim, hand collected in traditional salt beds (salinas) located in the Algarve’s Natural Reserve.  The salt is formed from the harmonious coming together of the tides, the sun and the wind, maintaining the rich mineral wealth of seawater.
  • Organic lime essential oil – a cleansing and restorative oil that also adds a revitalising hit to the fragrance.

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The Seven Hills of Lisbon signature treatment costs EUR 210.

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