Food, tourism, wine and coffee: they’ve all been on the Portuguese menu before. Gladly the awareness and recognition of Portuguese high quality have been rising during the last years, and now is hitting the stars.

Following last month's Michelin Awards, which distinguished seven more restaurants in Portugal with the dinning's wondered stars, now is time for the pairing.

The most awaited wine list of the year, the Wine Spectator, which distinguishes the top 100 wines worldwide, has this year included four Portuguese wines on the list.

This recognition does not take anyone by surprise,  considering the quality of Portuguese Wine regions, allied to brilliance e and sommeliers' competence, taking advantage of the unique grapes' variety and geography.

In addition, the quality / price relation is an asset among the Portuguese Wines, when among the best Portuguese wine producer regions, it easy to get a great quality and affordable wine.

On the Wine Spectator list the selected Portuguese wines are Quinta de Cabriz (2014), from Dão region, described by Wine Spectator's as having "concentrated cherry flavours, roasted plum and dried raspberry"; The other three wines are from Douro region, in specific Alto Douro Vinhateiro, which for 15 years has been nominated of Worldwide heritage. The selected wines are Evel 2014 red, from Real Companhia Velha (completed this year 260th anniversary); Carm Reserva red 2012, considered by Wine Spectator as "soft and rich, with a creamy note"; And finally the Lemos & van Zeller Quinta Vale D.Maria 2013

 On the top of the list, there is Napa Valley,  Lewis Cabarnet Sauvignon 2013.