Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon’s blog is an insightful up-to-the-minute log of the very best of Lisbon’s hotspots and hideaways, food and wine, history and culture. The idea: to help you fully optimize your time in the city whether you’re visiting for two days, a week or longer.

The blog aims to be a curated Lisbon’ guide by Four Seasons. It’s an immersive and interactive one-stop-shop that reflects Lisbon’s eclecticism and dynamism, from sights to sounds, food to fashion, the boldly bohemian to the beautifully bizarre.

Lisbon is the perfect juxtaposition of old-world charm and avant-garde chic, from hanging canary birdcages to haute couture boutiques. The blog aims to showcase the city’s energy and dynamism like never before, encouraging you to look past the cobbled alleyways and traditional tiled facades to discover a more eclectic ensemble of stories, styles and surprises.

We hope you enjoy it!